Rick offers exciting, customized multimedia presentations on the following topics: leadership, teamwork, personal excellence, patriotism, the future, and innovation.
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LEADERSHIP “Mach 25 Leadership” – The Real Right Stuff

Purpose, Program, People, Perspective True leaders balance all these elements to get the job done, build their organization, and uplift their followers. From personal experience, Colonel Searfoss knows that commanding a human space mission requires the utmost in competent, trustworthy, and service-oriented leadership: the real “right stuff.” Too much is at stake for anything less. The challenges: formidable. The experiences: profound. The lessons learned: invaluable, for any leader, any profession, any time.

The Guidelines: attitudes, actions, and approaches for todays leaders:

Promoting Wise Risk-taking
Developing “Smart Wingmen”
Teaching Correct Principles
Launching the Passion
Energizing the Mission
Bonding the Crew
Pushing the Limits
Flexible Adaptability
Eyes on Targets
Courageously Facing Reality
Service Before Self
Framing the Challenge
Perfect Perspicacity
Avoiding “All Mach and No Direction”
Earning Trust
Staying the Course
Persuading to Accountability

The Need Every organization needs solid, principle-centered leaders. This presentation brings home crucial leadership lessons from a technically driven yet supremely human endeavor. These same lessons apply for any leader. No matter how technical or process-driven your business, people make it happen. And people need leaders of integrity, competence, and courage to move them forward.

“Mach 25 Leadership” superbly builds and motivates leaders at all levels to boldly take charge and make a difference.

TEAMWORK “Apogee!” – Taking Teams to the Top

Top of their Game: an awesome model for any team venture!
Successful human space missions demand that hundreds of different teams perform flawlessly and consistently. A Space Shuttle crew must act in unity as one of the most finely honed teams possible, comparable to a Super Bowl or World Series team, with billions of dollars and their own lives riding on their performance. They also need to interact with and motivate the members of a huge variety of other specialized teams to truly prepare for a mission.

The Principles for all team players from rookie to mentor to leader:

Building a Common Shared Vision
Being Other-Oriented
Tailoring Individual Strengths to the      Team
Training Like It Really Matters
Realizing Everyone Makes a Difference
Sensing When and How to Peak
Promoting “Max Q” High Awareness
Fostering Collective Courage
Mutually Supporting Your Crewmates
Having Fun On the Way
Sharing the Consensus of Passion
Developing a Culture of Inherent      Success
Welcoming Mistake-Driven Learning

Productive Debriefing
Managing Crew Resources
Forging a Synergistic Whole

The Legacy From hundreds of experiences in every team role in fighter jet squadrons, test flying teams, space flight crews, and especially in serving as the prime team builder and leader as a Space Shuttle commander, Rick shares the teamwork legacy. The dynamic and difficult team endeavors of human space flight demand the absolute best of its teams. So should you.

“Apogee!” will accelerate your team’s ascent to the pinnacle of cohesion and performance.

PERSONAL EXCELLENCE “Countdown to Success”

The Competition to become an astronaut is fierce – less than one in a hundred qualified applicants is selected. What factors lead to such competitive success? Once selected, the training is long, rigorous, and constantly demanding. How does one progress from initial selection to making the extremely complex and difficult look easy during successful mission execution? Through constant, dedicated pursuit of individual outstanding performance.

The Keys to unlocking and unleashing maximum sustained excellence:

No-Stone-Unturned Preparation
Total Awareness
Effective Prioritization
Always Pressing Forward
Focused Mission Orientation
High Standards
Staying Teachable
Overcoming Complacency
Measured Boldness
Productivity Management
Using Stress to Your Advantage
Sacrifice for a Cause
Maintaining Balance
Embracing Responsibility
Constantly Pursuing Excellence
Choosing the Right

The Examples Examples Through dozens of specific, relevant examples illustrated within the fascinating backdrop of astronaut training and preparation, this program will guide you on a trajectory to learn how to set and reach your most treasured goals. Armed with the astronaut achievement tool kit and sustained, dedicated effort, you too will see out-of-this-world results. Why? Because the principles are timeless and universal, whether applied in space or on Earth, in any profession or personal situation.

“The sky is not the limit - launch on your mission of peak personal effectiveness with “Countdown to Success!”.

PATRIOTISM “America the Beautiful from Space”

America – truly a blessed land. One orbital view forcefully confirms the special beauty and place our country holds on Earth. Through the glorious medium of astronaut earth observations photographs, we’ll take a breathtaking journey around America. A fascinating combination of inspiring historical, geographical, geological, and cultural stories with stunning images testifying of sublime beauty, wonder, and hope. This unique presentation will make you more proud than ever to be an American.

THE FUTURE “As We Dream” – A Spacefarer’s Vision

In a short 100 years humankind has gone from earthbound to living in space. What challenges and opportunities await us in the next 100 years? “Who is to say what is impossible, for the dreams of yesterday are the hopes of today and the realities of tomorrow?” With the rare perspective of having flown in space and ongoing direct involvement with private space ventures such as the Zero Gravity Corporation, XCOR Aerospace, and X Prize Foundation, Rick offers an enthusiastic and optimistic view of the technical and cultural possibilities.

CHANGE “Dare to Explore!” – Adventurous Innovation”

The six billion people on this jewel of a planet collectively share a very human need to explore. Yet at the same time, we all too often limit ourselves as we ponder fears and not hopes, fears usually revolving around the need for change. Change is real, its upon us, its ever-accelerating. Exploration, research, innovation, and charting the unknown as pioneered on the last frontier of space give startling examples of adaptability. Learn to embrace the opportunities change offers through this space explorer’s insightful presentation.

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